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Miss Hubble

Cann Hall - Autumn 2014

Teaching and Learning at Cann Hall and our Progress to Becoming a ‘Securely Good’ School
Dear Parents and Carers,
It has been another busy half term at Cann Hall Primary School! It was lovely to see so many of you at the parent consultations a few weeks ago. It is always a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your children’s achievements and discuss next steps for further progress. Please remember to talk to class teachers about anything that is worrying you or ask questions about your child. If it will require more time or a private space, then please arrange an appointment for a mutually convenient time.
Children in year 4 enjoyed their visit to London to see The Lion King, and year 1 loved their visit to Jimmy’s Farm. Unfortunately the weather stopped us from making our whole school visit to St. John’s Church yesterday, but, luckily, the wonderful team at St. John’s came to us and we still celebrated with an Easter Service at school. Our choir gave two outstanding performances at the Princes Theatre this week of ‘Abbamania’ alongside other schools in Clacton. The children had worked really hard in rehearsals and sang beautifully in the performances. Our sports teams have continued to do brilliantly with a huge number of wins this term for netball, boys’ and girls’ football, tag rugby, athletics and cross country. All our teams model excellent sportsmanship at every event and match they attend, and we are all very proud of them.
We had a visit from Rosemary Prince from the Department for Education on 6th March 2015. The visit was informative and recognised the continued improvements at our school. Here are some quotes from the visit note:
“It is clear that in a relatively short time much has been done to add structure, raise expectations of teaching, close gaps in learning and ensure regular challenge to drive standards of teaching, close gaps in learning and ensure regular challenge to drive standards of improvement.”
“It was good to see teachers trying out new learning from their development opportunities with pupils keen to respond positively.”
Visible learning strategies and Kagan Structures are being used in all classes and are having a positive impact on pupil progress. If you would like to find out more then please have a look at the following websites:
We have planned to have an Open Morning on 19th May and would like as many parents and carers to come along as possible. We will be showcasing new teaching strategies in the classrooms and I will be able to share some of the research it is based on with you. In addition there will be stands set up to give parents more information from governors, CCHS & CCA, external agencies, FoCH and on pupil premium funding. Please put the date on your calendar and in your diaries as it will be a great opportunity to see the high quality teaching and learning first hand.
Thank you for all your support as parents and carers. Your children are amazing to work with - enthusiastic, creative, courteous and kind. Cann Hall is truly a very special place to be a part of and we have a lot to feel proud of.
Wishing you all a very happy Easter!
Miss Sarah Hubble
Our website offers a great opportunity to increase communication between school and home and we hope that you will find it an extremely useful tool.
There are still lots of things we are aiming to add to the website, but we will be working hard to update the site to make it even better. We value your comments on ways to improve this further. If you have any ideas about what you would like to see on the site, we would be glad to hear from you.

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